Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal for Boys

Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal  for Boys
Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal  for Boys Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal  for Boys Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal  for Boys Peter Potty - Flushable Potty Training Urinal  for Boys

The world's only flushable toddler urinal

  • No more training your little man to sit first and stand later
  • Start him out right - teach him to stand from the beginning
  • Little girls need to sit, but with the new Peter Potty, little boys can stand like Daddy


  • Allows child to urinate by himself
  • Sized to fit and grow with your little boy
  • Can be wall mounted, free standing on supplied base or placed directly on floor
  • Easy to use
  • Not need for a step stool
  • Has a push button flush
  • Wall or Floor Mounted
  • Adjusted up / down by 4" to grow with your child

This item will ship within 1-3 business days by UPS Ground only .

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Product Type Urinals
Product Gender Male

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less landury (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Leah Guinn my son had a sit down potty before but he used to sit down and pee before pulling down his pants but not any more it works great
Works great! (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Elisa We use this for our daughter now and she loves it. It does not slide around and we keep it leaning up against the wall when not in use. When it's time for her to go potty, she gets so excited to race in and place her Sesame Street potty seat on the "big potty." She seems to enjoy that it's HER special seat. It fits snug on the regular seat too so there's no wobbling or instability when she is climbing on and off.
when i potty trained my son....... (Mar 26, 2010) Reviewer: jill allen

When I potty trained my 2nd son 3 years ago he was a little over 2 and I couldn't find anything that he would like or use.

He didn't want anything to do with potty training, then I went to a store and saw this urinal thing for boys so I bought it.

I took it home and set it up and OMG did my son love it. He was potty trained in less then a week, with no wetting the bed, or accidents I was so proud of him!!!

Since then I've had another boy he's 30 months old and i bought him a potty chair because I couldn't find the Peter Potty anywhere and didn't remember the name of it.

So I got a potty seat and he hates it, he loves the big potty but, he plays like its just fun for him, when I can tell he has to go poopy I run him to the toilet and he'll go poop.

He gets excited but, thats only when I can catch him trying to go in his pull up/ me and my fiance' decided to google this potty urinal thing and found it we got so excited !!!!

So he can use the Peter Potty to pee and the big boy toilet to poopy!!! I cant wait to get it!!!

Scotty has helped a great deal! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Christian Cornerstone Hi! Well sammy is still not completely Potty trained but the Scotty has helped a great deal Thanks so much. We paid instantly and have left feedback can you leave feedback for us too. Thanks for your time and God Bless! Christian Cornerstone
I love this item (Nov 22, 2008) Reviewer: LaTonia This was the only thing that go my son going to the Potty. Pull Ups are a waste of money and will never teach your child how to go to the Potty!!! I passed my Training Pants on to my friend.
My Little Pony Panties Review (Dec 04, 2010) Reviewer: Happy MO Mom Product was packaged very nicely. Price was comparable to any others I'd seen and shipping and handling was reasonably priced and seemed exceptionally fast. AND I had not been able to find any "pony panties" for my most special little girl anywhere else, whether local or on the internet. Thank you Potty Training Concepts!
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nov 28, 2008) Reviewer: Beth This potty is great. There is no mess! The adjustment height is a wonerful aspect for our little boys. My son is able to go by himself with no mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I highly encourage you to buy this potty!!!!!!
No more mess! (Nov 23, 2008) Reviewer: Christian This has really helped us out. My son had terrible aim - and with three kids in the house, I wasn't always able to be there to help me out. With this urinal, he can go completely on his own and there is NO MESS!! He doesn't get pee all over his pants (like he did when he sat down on a regular kids potty) and he doesn't get pee on the floor and all over the toilet when he stands up by himself. I liked it so much - I got one for upstairs - so that he can go by himself in the middle of the night. Easy to clean, too!
Brilliant Concept for Little Ones (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Anita Hi everyone, my name is Anita I live in the United Kingdom and Have just purchased the Peter Potty Urinal for my little boy. I came across the website by an American company recommending Potty Concepts selling the Peter Potty and I have to say its a fantastic idea especially at night time when our little boy can use it in his room without having to go down stairs all the time. The system is well designed and user friendly and very grown up. The invention is a super idea and I was only to pleased to receive it in good time as I know this will benefit both our little boy and us with good night sleeps as well. Anyone thinking of buying this product I would definitely recommend it to anyone, as this could be used for when there a little older as well. Thank you Potty Concepts for a speedy delivery service and excellent customer care.
GET ONE (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Nanny My order of two of these for my grandson arrived this week. I used this to train my two year old grandson and like it took one day. The second one was to be sent to his mothers for night use, but came with a defective piece, which I am sure will be replaced. This company has a fantastic product and fast quality shipping. There was no mess on the floor at all in use. The flusher is great fun for the child. I printed out one of their free potty charts and with this item had this child trained in one day. This is day three and NO accidents, it is just too fun for him to be a little man.
Great idea! (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Mama Bear Bought this for my son and he absolutely loves it! From the first day, only using diapers at night! He loves to flush is and it makes it soo easy to clean! No more messes around the back of the toilet and the floor. A wonderful investment
no stops (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: may may i baby sit 9 little boys who are always playing things then once in wall to wall traffic all nine boys said all at once i need to pee now!!!!!!!!!!!!!i pulled 2 out threw one in the back and one in the front each boy used it and only one accident (he had to pee the worst)
great (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Julie Catchy song!! We used the DVD when my daughter was potty training.. and we sang the song each time she used the restroom.
Best invention ever! (Jan 27, 2009) Reviewer: Jennifer My son is almost 3 1/2 and showed no interest in potty training whatsoever. 2 weekends ago he and I went around the house with a shopping bag and "threw out" his diapers. I put him in big boy underwear and after having a few accidents over the next 2 days, it finally clicked with him and he is using the potty every time now. I think the Peter Potty had a lot to do with it since he loves to stand just like Daddy and because it's so easy for him to just pull down his pants and go whenever he needs to. I don't have to pull his pants down and help him sit on the potty like I have to when he's on the potty seat on the toilet (he's too tall to use a plastic potty chair). A few days ago I was busy changing my 1 year old when my older son had to go. I told him he needed to wait or go by himself so he went and did it all on his own. No mess, no problem! We do use a "piddle pad" - one of those washable, waterproof lap pads, under it to catch any peepee drips after he's finished going - and it also seems to make it more stable on our wood floor in the bathroom. It's also great because my son is tall and the peter potty is tall enough for him to even grow into it. No possibility of him accidentally dropping the lid on his little boy parts either, which is a huge plus! I would absolutely buy this product again - it's worked wonderfully for us!
#1 potty training aid (Feb 12, 2009) Reviewer: Nina Webb I have a daycare, so it seems like someone is always being potty trained. This year, I have mostly boys. Every day it was messes on the floor to clean up, and soiled pants where they overshot on the potty chair. But after buying the Peter Potty, my life at the daycare just got easier, plus the boys all want to use the Peter Potty, and the last four boys I potty trained, I did it in under a week! Best thing that I ever bought for my daycare! I recommend this product if you have a boy that is ready to be potty trained.
everyone loves his peter potty (Nov 21, 2008) Reviewer: Tina H I bought it for my two year old son, he loves it and so does every little boy that comes to my house. My little nephew wasn't even started with potty training, and would follow my son in and tear off his diaper. It isn't to bad to clean, and it needs emptyed alot if you have lots of little boys cause they all seem to love it. Even the adults that see it thinks its cool, and want to know were to get one. I just love it,its small enough to fit in a little space.
Worth every penny (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: J Newman I just got these for my 2 1/2 year old daughter and they are amazing! The first time I put them on she wet them, saw that they made her feel wet and has been dry ever since. I thought these undies would be just like pull ups but they're not. They really feel wet!! Plus they absorb enough so that your floor doesn't get dirty when they are wet. They are bigger than usual put that just makes them perfect to pull up and down. THESE ARE A MUST HAVE!!
Unusable Due To Pinching (Dec 10, 2008) Reviewer: Potty Training MILF I tried it a couple times and my son always got pinched. I'm currently looking for a new potty seat. I would not recommend this one.