Urine Deflector

Urine Deflector
Urine Deflector
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I think it is safe to say that no one wants to buy a new potty chair just because of one missing piece!  Especially when all it is missing is a urine deflector that may not even be 1/10 of the potty chairs price! 
If you are in this bind, then this urine deflector is the perfect find!  Not only is it extremely cost efficient, but it is economical and much less time consuming than going through the hassle of finding, buying and shipping a whole new chair! 
NOTE: This Urine Deflector fits MOST, not ALL, potty chairs.

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Product Specifications

Color White , Black
Brand Mom Innovations
Product Type Potty Accessories
Gender Male
Material Plastic
Place of Use Bathroom

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Urine Deflector (Feb 06, 2017) Reviewer: Michael Galleher Ordered for a 30+ year old folding potty chair. Arrived in good time, fits well and easy to add to the chair. Does the job!! Only suggestion would be to make it out of a bit softer plastic - perhaps.
Looked everywhere! So glad to find it! (Jul 30, 2016) Reviewer: JD Miller Excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. I swear this is the only site on the web that has them. Found an old potty seat at a rummage sale, but it had no guard. This is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly as expected. It's slightly wobbly on the particular chair that we have, but there is a hole to screw it into place if we decide to.
Fits potty chair. (May 17, 2016) Reviewer: Naomi D'AUTREMONT Have not used. No boys, but I'm ready if we get one.
Quick shipment, exactly what I needed (Feb 04, 2016) Reviewer: Rebecca Schroeder Was so glad that this fit the potty chair we already had! Quick shipment!
Urine Deflector (Jan 28, 2016) Reviewer: Andrea Griffith I have looked out on the net and Potty Training Concepts came to the rescue. This fits on my vintage potty chair and works great. My little grandson says it's for privacy...............!! Thanks Potty Training Concepts for this 5 star product and speedy delivery. AGR
urine deflector (Oct 03, 2015) Reviewer: Mary does not fit all chairs..
a (Sep 02, 2015) Reviewer: Carol Aaland Received item promptly and it fit the potty chair. Just wish it were a little softer so didn't bother children when using.
Urine Deflector (Mar 12, 2015) Reviewer: Sharie I tried the deflector on the potty chair I am going to repaint and use for my grandson. I am happy that it fits, but we have not been able to use yet, my grandson is still too young.
Potty chair urine deflector (Nov 09, 2014) Reviewer: Sandy Ewing I have an older wooden potty chair that needed a deflector. I searched the internet and found this company and ordered one . The deflector fits perfectly and will work out just fine. Thank you for still carrying these needed parts for old but still used potty chairs .
Little boy urine deflector (Sep 15, 2014) Reviewer: Jacqueline Schilling Excellent fit with my 50 year old potty chair.
Urine Deflector (Dec 02, 2013) Reviewer: Maggie Reynaga Too large for the normal toddler
Urine Deflector (Nov 15, 2013) Reviewer: Carolyn Leppert this item has made potty training our little one far more successful.
potty chair urine deflector (Sep 24, 2013) Reviewer: judy pezzani Although the shipping made this item pricey, I was still happy to find the item because I have a 2 year old grandson and a 45 year old wood potty chair..............
Urine Deflector (Aug 07, 2013) Reviewer: Jack Bentz IT fit and worked just fine.We received the product in three days and cannot be happier
urine deflector (Jun 18, 2013) Reviewer: Cynthia Hall Item was just as described
Urine deflector (May 04, 2013) Reviewer: Eleanor Larson I had an old wooden potty chair with the pot (No deflector) and a new Grandson , the one I received fit perfect , it was a life saver. Thank You!!! I
Urine Deflector (Jan 28, 2013) Reviewer: Kimberly I have an old potty chair (new in 1991)used by my son. I wanted to use it with his son, but it was missing the urine deflector. I had looked everywhere to find one; but with no luck. I was saddened to think that I wouldn't be able to use the chair with my grandson. Then I found your product online. I'm VERY pleased. It fits perfectly! Plus, it was delivered within a few days of ordering. I would definitely recommend the item and the company.
Getting ready for a great grand child . (Nov 16, 2012) Reviewer: Alton E. Crim

I hand built a potty chair back in the early 60's for my first child of three . I have kept it in storage and my grand children used it also . It had a urine deflector , but over the years it has failed time .

Deflector (Jun 19, 2012) Reviewer: Tom

We looked at several major stores for this item but couldn't find it. It is a perfect replacement for the original that we bought over 40 years ago.

Urine deflector (Mar 07, 2012) Reviewer: Matt Ready to use and it works great
Deflector (Dec 13, 2011) Reviewer: Linda The potty chair I used with my children thirty plus years ago is in wonderful shape. I've been using it for my granddaughter but there will soon be 3 grandsons in need of the deflector since it cannot be found even in the attic. I am so happy to find this site and the deflector fits the potty chair perfectly.
Urine Deflector (Dec 12, 2011) Reviewer: Thankful Grandma The urine deflector fit the my wooden potty chair. I am glad that I could find one to fit my old potty chair that my grandkids will use at my house.
urine deflector (Jul 20, 2011) Reviewer: Jo Harvey I have an old potty chair and the urine deflector was all I needed for a perfect potty training experience!
a little scary (Mar 14, 2011) Reviewer: Jim The item works great, but when my son saw it for the first time he didn't want to use it as he wasn't used to it... Great item for first time training!!
Dry surrounding's (Nov 18, 2010) Reviewer: Jada M. Scott-Sanders Very happy to fine the urine deflector for are very old potty chair that works great now.